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Premium All Natural Ingredients. Always.

Many companies use what they like to call “safe synthetics” to color products. Even if these artificial dyes are “safe”, why reinvent what nature has already done so beautifully?

We believe that no truer artistry is found than in vibrant, plant based pigments. Not only do botanical elements provide the rich hues that make our products look pretty on your bathroom shelves, many of them also carry natural health benefits.

Rose Kaolin Clay, which gives our Be Loved Bath Bomb its lovely pink color,  is also beneficial for gentle exfoliating and improving your skin’s circulation.

Pink Kaolin Clay Pure Ingredients

Uncompromising Quality in Every Batch

Essential oils are also twofold in purpose. They are truly some of nature’s most powerful and concentrated compounds. Used topically, the effects on the body can be observed in as little as 10 minutes, and the aromatherapeutic benefits are endless.

A great example of their potency can be seen in our All Natural Insect Repellent. Just one application provides several hours of protection.

All Natural Insect Repellent

The potent blend of Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Peppermint, Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils also smells lovely and is safe for children.

We use only unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils that are 100% GMO free.  If what goes on top of your skin also goes into your skin (and from there on to the bloodstream), then shouldn’t it be only the purest and best?

Your skin cells were created to protect, repair, and replenish themselves. Sometimes however, toxins and environmental pollutants can lead to early aging, dehydration, and other skin conditions. Like all physical damage, you can put a bandaid on these problems or you can repair and reverse them.

All products are packaged with eco friendly cloth and/or recyclable materials

The nourishing natural moisturizers we use, such as Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and Organic Cocoa Butter do just that. Rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids, these ingredients work with your body to help restore and protect your skin’s natural health and radiance.