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Who We Are 

profile-circleI'm Georgia, the creator and owner of Herban Roots. I'm also a Jesus follower and  homeschooling mama of a small hippie cult, which my husband and I are raising as the 8th generation on the family farmland here in eastern NC. I am passionate about going back to the roots of natural health and healing - God's green earth, and using its many provisions to develop safe and effective, and AMAZING products for you and your family!

How it all began…

I had never thought about what was actually in my sunscreen. All I knew was that both of my parents were suffering from dozens of spots of basal cell carcinoma from years of overexposure to the sun without adequate protection. I was determined not to perpetuate the cycle. Having the kind of skin that burns when I so much as look at the sun, meant I was forced to drench myself from head to toe with greasy, funky smelling, SPF-a-million, every time I wanted to step outside.

When I became a mother however, the truth about the harmful toxins in commercial, over-the-counter sunscreen began to come to light, and slathering a chemical-laden product all over the largest organ of my growing child’s body didn’t seem like such a safe idea anymore. The “lesser evil” alternatives available on the market cost enough to make a fair-skinned family of four at the time go broke, and I couldn’t find a product that met my expectations for quality.

So, in April of 2014, after extensive research, I decided to experiment with making my own natural, homemade sunscreen. I never intended to start a business, but word spread quickly, and within a couple of weeks I received so many requests from family and friends to purchase it, that I simply could not ignore the demand.

Thus, Herban Roots was born.

By June of that same summer, our solar products were on local retail shelves, and by early fall we were shipping nationally through a wholesale distributer. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our product line to now offer a variety of safe, healthy, natural skin care products for you and your family.